Hiking bar

Aufi auf ́n Berg! Hiking boots laced and off we go directly from the hotel to a leisurely hike to the Malteiner water features. From waterfall to waterfall, past the bee nature trail over hill and dale, breathe in and enjoy the wonderful air.

Beautiful mosses, ferns and coniferous forests line the path and many an ant or a fire salamander can be seen in the sunlight.

Known as the “Valley of plunging waters”, the Malta Valley boasts amidst 2 national parks. Here your holiday becomes a nature experience. With us you can rediscover beautiful waterfalls and a magnificent mountain world in summer.

Just pause in the fast course of time and enjoy the numerous wonders of nature.

Thus, moments experienced in the Malta valley become unforgettable impressions – and that for the whole family. Especially for families with children, our beautiful homeland has a lot to offer, all hotels, inns, restaurants and excursion destinations have facilities for children and are very family-friendly!

  • Marked hiking trails to beautiful waterfalls and alpine huts
  • Four 3 thousanders such as: Hochalmspitze, Ankogel, Schneewinkelspitze, Oberlererspitze and Hafner
  • Maltahochalm road to the highest dam in Austria
  • Cycling directly at the hotel on the most beautiful cycle path in Carinthia R9
  • Alpine tours with mountain guide
  • Donkey stud
  • Large water adventure adventure playground directly under the Fallbach waterfall
  • Guided mountain tours to the Weinschnabel, the Faschaunereck, the Stubeck or the Elendrundgang Maltatal are led by our certified and qualified National Park Rangers.

Tour descriptions & information

Wonderful bike bar!

Also for cyclists and mountain bikers it is really nice with us.