Our heart beats together

From grandfather’s hut…

In 1934, grandfather Andreas Pirker acquired the “Kerschhackl Hube” in the course of an auction. In the period up to 1965, the “Hube” was a mountain hut, where in the summer the cattle grazed and the dairywoman produced milk and butter.

In 1965, the son of Andreas Pirker, Franz Pirker, opened a snack station which was repeatedly expanded and modernized in the following years. In 1973, the snack station burned to the ground.
Already the following year there was nothing more to see of rubble and ashes, an inn was built and the next generation took over the business: Franz Pirker with his wife Renate Pirker. It was worked with zeal and further expanded.

… to the children’s hotel

In 1981, Franz and Renate Pirker decided to turn the inn into a “baby alpine inn”. They followed the idea of Siggi Neuschitzer, the baby pioneer from the Lieser-Malta valley, to offer holidays with children in the valley of the falling waters. A playroom and a small stable with animals for petting were built to meet the requirements of that time.
In 1991, the time was ripe for an indoor pool: under the most difficult conditions, an indoor pool with paddling pool and sauna was built. A connecting corridor from the indoor pool to the inn and a room extension in 1996 followed and to this day 20 units in the 3 star category are available for rent.
In 2001, the family built a biological sewage treatment plant and in 2002 a wood chip plant was added. In combination with its own source with pure mountain water, the Pirker family is almost self-sufficient.
In 2004, Franz and Renate took another big step and built a modern children’s club: soft play facility, toddler care area, a large, bright play area with plenty of space for creative design, games and have fun.
In 2008, the 4th generation took over the business with son Markus and his wife Kerstin. Together with your two daughters Jennifer and Jacqueline we work hand in hand with “old and young”.

… and bio-hotel

Since May 1, 2013, the hotel has been an organic hotel operation. The love for the natural, simple way of life and healthy food would like to pass on the Pirker family to their guests. Regular checks of the Austria Bio-Garantie ensure that our guests can be sure to be supplied with organic food and drinks 100% organic.

The hotel was awarded the Carinthian quality seal in March 2013 – it guarantees guests a high quality of service. The Pirker family makes the holiday feeling “lust for life” in Carinthia tangible for young and old guests.

.. Change 2021

Six months of regulatory closure due to the corona pandemic have given us time to create something new.
We have grown up and grown out of the “children’s hotel shoes”. The 4th generation has decided to break new ground and open the hotel doors to all those who like our sustainable way. Families, sports enthusiasts and active holiday guests are now welcome.
We have decided to practice the “YOU” and would like to communicate uncomplicated, open, cheerful and authentic with YOU dear guest.

Our new hotel name “Pirker ́s Natur & Bio Familienhotel” speaks for this – of course, there is also a new logo to match this. We also pick you up even more on social media and regularly post stories, posts, reels…

Benjamin's Kinderhotel becomes our pirker's

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