Our heart beats


We are convinced that a sustainable economy, an ecological orientation in farm management and the support of organic agriculture contributes to promoting a rethink and raising awareness of our nature and its resources.

ORGANIC means not only healthy food but a holistic change in all respects. Electricity and energy saving, environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents, environmental paper, natural building materials, etc. Share our conviction with us!

Out of conviction, we have:

100% organic food

100% organic drinks

100% organic or natural cosmetics

100 % green electricity

100% recycled or min. FSC/PEFC Paper

CO 2 balancing every

Charging stations for e-cars


Biological cleaning and detergents

For our environment and our future:

Healthier and more natural diet
Be mindful of your fellow human beings
Use resources responsibly
Throw away less
Conscious shopping, questioning whether the product is really needed



“We humans can never be healthier,
than the cultivated plants and animals of which
we get our food – and when
we really want to heal, then we have
to start there.”
Dr. Hans-Peter Rusch (1906 – 1977)
Doctor & Microbiologist

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