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We are convinced that a sustainable economy, an ecological orientation in farm management and the support of organic agriculture contributes to promoting a rethink and raising awareness of our nature and its resources.

ORGANIC means not only healthy food but a holistic change in all respects. Electricity and energy saving, environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents, environmental paper, natural building materials, etc. Share our conviction with us!

Organic children’s hotel out of conviction

For us, organic also means shopping regionally and seasonally, cooking the dishes of our homeland and avoiding “flying goods” as much as possible.

An excerpt of our organic menu card for hotel guests:

Appetizers ♥

  • Organic tomatoes with mozarella with balsamic dressing
  • Carinthian ham bacon with pastries
  • Marinated asparagus white-green with house bread
  • Carrot Cheese Risotto
  • Cold cucumber cream with bread chips

Soup kitchen ♥

  • Clear vegetable broth with semolina noodles
  • Fine pumpkin cream soup with croutons and pumpkin seed oil
  • Clear beef broth with meat strudel

Main courses ♥

  • Fried organic free-range hen ́l with potato carrot foam and fine natural sauce
  • Carinthian cheese noodles with brown butter and salad set
  • Pork back steak on light pepper cream sauce with carrot sticks and long grain rice
  • Kärntner Tafelspitz made from the finest organic beef with roasted potato and breadcrumbs

Dessert ́s ♥

  • Homemade Carinthian Buchteln with vanilla sauce
  • Yoghurt vanilla cream with sour cherry ragout
  • Homemade Kaiserschmarren with applesauce
  • Fine chocolate with fruit set…
  • Homemade buchteln with vanilla sauce

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Our animals are a highlight for young and old.