the pirker’s

  • Waterfalls that playfully make their way through rocky terrain, especially in spring, and invite me to refresh myself with them.
  • familiar nature, in which the first rays of sunshine of summer fall through treetops and make the forest floor under my feet smell.
  • ripe berries that sweeten the autumn day, when children who romp through colorful leaves make me smile.
  • deep breaths full of anticipation for the first winter descent over a freshly snow-covered ski route that glitters and quietly waits to make my heart beat faster.
  • hearty, regional food that is as honest as the laughter of the host who prepares it.
  • gentle immersion in the magnificent mountains that enriches me and makes me breathe and pause.
  • soothing silence, which accompanies me on balmy evenings on long walks and can only be disturbed occasionally by dainty birdsong.
  • relaxed days, characterized by a peacefulness that seduces to deep mindfulness and reminds me that today this is determined only by me.
  • tiny beads of sweat that slowly form on my face, and proudly testify to every kilometer traveled or cycled.
  • sustainable insights, enjoyable moments in organic quality, warm people, emerging friendships and unforgettable time out with family, partners or friends.

Give the day a smile♥

We wish Enk a wonderful holiday from the bottom of our hearts!

Who is full of hay here?

Our animals are a highlight for young and old.