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From mountain to lake

Probably the most beautiful bike path in Carinthia is located directly from our front door. From the toll booth Kölnbreinstrasse to the art and culture town of Gmünd there are 14 km of fantastic nature, beautiful stops to linger and views of the beautiful mountains of the Malta valley.

Comfortably with the e-bike or sporty with the mountain bike it starts directly in front of the hotel. You can also rent the bike of your choice for a day or half-day tour for a fee, as well as helmet and bicycle lock. The company Papin provides us with the best cycling quality and for every cyclist there is the right bike.

And that’s how the South still feels..
Carinthia has 1,270 stagnant waters including 44 controlled, Drinking water clear, warm bathing lakes such as eg. Lake Millstättersee, the Weißensee, the Wörthersee, the Ossiachersee, the Klopeinersee, the Faakersee and the Maltschachersee.
They are bathing paradises and water sports areas, natural beauties and energy donors.

The shortest way to the first bathing lake is close to your holiday is 25 minutes by car towards Spittal / Drau – Millstatt to Millstättersee! Beautiful and well-kept lidos for families with children always a special experience. Lake Millstättersee invites you to swim, go boating, fishing, cycling, skating and hiking.

In the evening, but also during the day, small, lovely villages with cozy restaurants and cafes attract, where warm summer days and balmy summer nights seem even more invigorating. All in all, a relaxing relaxation program, varied leisure activities and an incredible variety of holidays. Because summer has many colorful faces in the Lieser and Malta valleys.

Summer is a carefree time for many, perhaps even the most carefree. Everyone benefits, small and large guests. From the diverse possibilities in the Lieser and Malta valleys such as sports and adventure, art & culture and cuisine as well as the Mediterranean climate of the region. Summer fun for young and old!

More info about the Carinthian-Lieser-Malta valley also under:

Out of consideration for our environment, it would be desirable to form carpools.

This mountain tour is led by one of our qualified national park rangers.

Small and fine mountaineering villages to enjoy and linger

The Malta valley is also one of the mountaineering villages of the OeAV:
OeAV mountaineering villages are little-touched mountain resorts with an authentic character, which want to set important accents as exemplary regional development centres in sustainable alpine tourism. In addition to the Berg hiking competence, a positioning in the more demanding alpine area should take place. They guarantee a professional tourism offer for mountaineers, have an excellent landscape and environmental quality and are committed to the preservation of local cultural and natural values.

The project “Mountaineering Villages” is an initiative of the Austrian Alpine Club with the support of the Ministry of Life and co-financed by the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013. The exemplary effect of the mountaineering villages extends above all to the active effort to achieve the goal of sustainable development in the Alpine region in accordance with and in compliance with relevant legal provisions, such as the implementing protocols of the Alpine Convention, and the various programmes. A uniform marketing platform is made available to the municipalities, small infrastructure projects are promoted and, above all, a broad exchange exchange with the other municipalities, ministries and advisory centres is created – in mutual benefit. This brand is intended to stand for sophisticated mountain tourism that sets itself apart from the current standard offer and offers an economically viable combination of nature conservation,identity preservation and alpine challenge.


Guided nature experiences

Herb hikes
in the Malta valley
Together through the diverse world of herbs
For which herbal treasures the Malta valley is known? Find out.

Together with a certified hiking guide and herbal experts, we invite you to discover the fragrant world of herbs.

Learn more about their effects on body, mind and soul and try the newly picked in the form of a refreshing herbal moothie.
Conjure up your personal lip balm, soothing herbal oils and salts, a healing cold syrup or fragrant soaps.

Get one on the natural wonder herbs. And learn in our experimental kitchen how to process and use the treasures of the “green pharmacy”.

Period: May – September
Day of the week: Tuesday
Time: 10.00 am
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Material costs: € 4,50 per person for guests of the municipality of Malta
Meeting point: Maltatal Tourist Office
Registration: until 15:00 the day before in the restaurant & children’s club

Family hike Malteiner
water features
A unique natural spectacle in the Malta Valley
The theme trail Malteiner Wasserspiele leads you far into the versatile Maltatal. And lets you experience the water-rich variety of forms – as you can only find them there.
During a guided hike you will discover the unique natural world of the valley with all its faces and learn to understand the formation of gorges and stream beds by the irrepressible power of the water.

Period: May – September
Day of the week: Wednesday
Time: 9.30 am
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: Guided tour for guests from Malta free of charge
Meeting point: Falleralm, toll booth Malta Hochalmstraße
Registration: until 15:00 the day before in the restaurant & children’s club

The sweet sides of the Malta Valley
This is how real Carinthian tradition tastes
Mmmh, how that smells! The Carinthian Reindling is a delicious yeast pastry, refined with cinnamon and an integral part of Carinthian cuisine.
Learn from an expert how to prepare a real “Carinthian Tallgn”. And let yourself be seduced not only by the delicious smell, but above all by the sweet taste of the pastry. Enjoy your meal!

Day of the week: every 2nd and 4th Thursday
Time: 9.00 am
Duration: approx. 2 1/2 hours
Material costs: € 6,50 per adult / € 3,50 per child (up to 12 years)
Meeting point: Maltatal Tourist Office
Registration: until 15:00 the day before in the restaurant & children’s club

Who sniffs the fence here?

Our animals are a highlight for young and old.
Fancy summer?
We are really looking forward to it!

Certified organic.

We have not only included BIO in marketing, we are certified.