Mountain wellness

im pirker’s

Our pool with 1.30 m water depth and a temperature of 29 degrees does not have 25 meters of tracks, but an incomparable natural charm with real rock and views of the countryside.

For the little ones

there is a small Plantscharea manageable, ankle depth with warm water and stocked with colorful water toys.

Sweating – it works with us too!

In the Finnish sauna with space for 6 people you can relax your wad ́l after hiking or cycling and enjoy the warmth. Sauna times? Does not exist with us! You can sweat at any time – just let us know ♥

Kneading chamber

Masseuse Claudia spoils, equalizes, builds up, recesses and has an incredible feeling for the people who lie under her hands. We are happy to help you find an appointment.
A massage from Claudia is a must if you ask us!

From one pleasure to the next!

As is well known, food holds body and soul together. Would Ih like to see what the Pirker’s has in store here?