Mountain wellness

at the Pirker’s NaturE- & Bio Family hotel

Wellness & relaxation

What could be better than coming back from an active day in the mountains and doing something good for your body. After exploring Carinthia, you can enjoy pure relaxation at Pirker’s Wellness. Our nature hotel offers everything you need for a relaxing feel-good vacation with the whole Family!


After cycling, a hike or a day on skis, the muscles are revitalized in the sauna with soothing warmth. Then it’s off to the pool with soothing natural elements and a fantastic view of our Carinthian landscape. Our masseuse Claudia will help you unwind while she kneads you. This is mountain wellness at Pirker’s Natur- & Bio Familienhotel.

Biohotel Pirkers Frische Produkte
Biohotel Pirkers Frische Produkte

Wellness for the whole family

Enjoy your family time! Wellness for the whole family on vacation is a great way to relax and spend time with the family at the same time. Parents and children can relax together in the sauna and swimming pool in our family-friendly wellness area. Mom can treat herself to a massage while the children work off their energy in our swimming school. Our wellness area makes a vacation with wellness for families worthwhile even in rainy weather. In winter, the whole family can let off steam on the slopes during the day and regenerate by swimming in the evening.
  • Water fun – for young and old: children love water! Our pool with a depth of 1.30 m and a temperature of 29 degrees doesn’t have 25-meter lanes, but it does have an incomparable natural charm with real rocks and a view of the green Maltatal valley.
    • Sweating is also possible with us! In the Finnish sauna with room for 6 people, you can relax your calves after hiking or cycling and enjoy the warmth. Sauna times? We don’t have any! Of course, slightly different conditions apply for children, which is indicated in our wellness area. You can work up a sweat at any time – just let us know!
    • Kneading chamber:  masseuse Claudia pampers, equalizes, builds, adjusts and has an incredible feel for the people who lie under her hands. We will be happy to help you make an appointment.

    “Remember all the beautiful moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow.

    Massages and wellness treatments


      • Classic massage: The classic massage is the best-known application. With targeted grip techniques, the blood circulation of the tissue – such as skin and muscles – is increased, resulting in relaxed and loosened tissue. A massage from Claudia is a must if you ask us!
      • Foot reflexology massage: There are numerous reflex zones on the entire sole of the foot and on the back of the foot, which have a direct connection to the respective organs and organ systems. Using a special grip technique, the organs, organ systems and body structures are positively influenced. It has an activating effect on our vital and regenerative powers as well as having a relaxing, relaxing and circulation-promoting effect..
      • Lymphatic drainage: Our body’s lymphatic system is important for our immune system, for drainage in the case of oedema, but also for well-functioning wound healing. For this reason, manual lymphatic drainage is used to activate the LGS. It also has a very relaxing effect on the autonomic nervous system.
      • Sound massage: A sound massage allows you to find yourself, relax and let go of tension. According to Indian teachings, illness is a manifestation of disharmony in the body, an imbalance of cells or certain organs. The vibrations of singing bowls influence our nervous system, activate our relaxation reflex and reduce stress or pain reactions. Your self-healing powers are activated, your immune system strengthened, stuck blockages released and your basic trust strengthened.
      • Kinesiology Balance: Kinesiology is the science of human movement in the broadest sense. We weaken our energy channels through stress, strain, negative emotions and poor nutrition. We then have to replace the missing energy with strength and this drains our substance. The aim of kinesiology is to identify these weaknesses in the energy system and bring them back into balance by working holistically and non-invasively on the client.