Around the Pirker’s NaturE & Bio Family hotel

What can I experience?

Fun, games and nature experiences right on our doorstep. Fallbach water adventure park – Carinthia’s highest waterfall! This nature and adventure play park is second to none – the wonderful location under the beautiful Fallbach waterfall invites you to play, climb, discover and marvel. There are cozy places to relax and sunbathe!


  • ARTIST TOWN OF GMÜND IN CARINTHIA: Colorful cultural life in the small, charming town of Gmünd an der Lieser – art seminars take place almost every weekend from June to September. Interesting artists come together every year and you can marvel at their art in the old and historic rooms and galleries in the back streets of Gmünd.

  • CITY TOUR: You will experience a special kind of city tour with the dedicated city guides in a particularly intensive and impressive way. Please register at the hotel.

    • Photo gallery Gmünd
    • City tower gallery Gmünd
    • House of wonder
    • Gallery Miklautz
    • House gallery from Fritz Russ und Birgit Bachmann
    • Cultural Cinema Gmünd
    • Medieval pillory
    • Parish church Maria Himmelfahrt
    • Land art objects
    • Gallery August
  • THE HOUSE OF AMAZEMENT: A world of sounds, beautifully staged! The largest walk-in violin, SoundArtGarden, giant soap bubbles, everything moves, flows, sounds from pipes and funnels. A great excursion destination with unforgettable impressions for families with children!


  • TREASURE HUNT IN THE DONNER GORGE IN INNERKREMS: “The Treasure of the Nock Dwarves” – Experience an exciting, tricky treasure hunt together with a map, compass and magical glasses in the Thunder Gorge. You have to find the treasure of the Nock dwarves! Adventure fun for the whole family with children aged 4 and over. In ancient times, the Nock dwarves lived in the thunder gorge in the caves of the mountains. The dwarves secretly helped the humans with their hard work. The dwarves were also known to guard the most valuable and greatest treasures. The squires believed that the dwarves hid a golden treasure in the cave. To find the valuable “Treasure of the Thunder Gorge” you have to solve the tricky puzzles with your treasure hunting equipment. Good luck.
  • DONKEY PARK MALTA VALLEY NEAR MALTA: Even more animal fun in the valley! Have you always wanted to ride a donkey? Then come and make your wish come true. The Malta donkey stud farm offers a truly animal experience – donkeys have been bred and lovingly cared for here since 1988. Dwarf donkeys, giant donkeys, miniature donkeys, pinto donkeys… and that’s not all the animals! Ponies, llamas, goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens, warmblood horses and ornamental poultry live here together on the donkey farm! Open from April to September.
  • KÖLNBREINSPERRE: The highest dam wall in Austria. The 14.4-kilometre Malta Hochalmstraße leads directly to the Kölnbreinstausee reservoir at almost 2,000 m above sea level. Tunnels carved out of the rock and several hairpin bends make the road an experience. Once you reach the mountain, you have a wonderful view and a great mountain panorama from the “Airwalk” viewing platform. As part of a guided tour, you can marvel at the dam wall from the inside and learn everything you need to know about this magnificent structure. For hikers, the area offers wonderful hiking routes, e.g. the national park circular hike “Zauberhafte Elendtäler”, Hochalmspitze, Ankogel, Hafner (the Maltatal is surrounded by numerous three-thousand-metre peaks).
  • RADWAY R9: Probably the most beautiful cycle path in Carinthia meanders for 14 km along the Malta River to Gmünd. Whether by city bike, mountain bike or e-bike – nothing stands in the way of an extended cycle tour. There are many lovely places to stop and rest to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Access points to the cycle path in the rear Maltatal at the Fallerhütte, in Malta Sportplatz, in Fischertratten and Gmünd. For our guests we offer bike rental from the hotel for a fee.