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Children’s Hotels Benjamin

Company name: Markus Pirker

Phone: +43 4733 362

E-mail: info@kinderhotel-benjamin.at

Brandstatt 30
9854 Malta, Austria

Authority acc. ECG (E-Commerce Law): Bezirkshauptmannschaft Spittal an der Drau

Further supervisory authority (according to ECG): Finanzamt Spittal/Drau

Applicable legal provisions: Austrian Hotel Contract Act

Legal form: Sole proprietorship

Other information according to §14 UGB: Pirker Markus


Disclosure according to §25 Media Act

Media owner: Markus Pirker

Registered office (place of head office): Malta

Object of the company: Hotel

Member of the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce

Fachgruppe / Berufszweig – FG Hotellerie: Hotels

Archive pirker’s, Kärnten Werbung

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Certified organic.

We have not only included BIO in marketing, we are certified.