Pirker’s Natur- & Bio Familienhotel

  • Company name: Markus Pirker
  • Address: Brandstatt 30, 9854 Malta, Austria
  • Telephone: +43 4733 362
  • Email: info@pirkers.bio
  • Authority according to ECG (E-Commerce Law): Spittal an der Drau District Authority
  • Other supervisory authority (according to ECG): Spittal/Drau tax office
  • Applicable legislation: Austrian Hotel Contract Act
  • Legal form: sole proprietorship
  • Other information according to §14 UGB: Pirker Markus


Disclosure in accordance with Section 25 of the Media Act

  • Media owner: Markus Pirker
  • Company headquarters (place of headquarters): Malta
  • Company object: Hotel
  • Member of the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce
  • Specialist group / professional branch – FG Hotellerie: Hotels

Image credit

  • Pirker’s Nature & Organic family hotel
  • Daniela Ebner
  • Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region
  • TVB Malta
  • Photo Himsl
  • Malta Municipality
  • Carinthia Advertising
Biohotel Pirkers Gastgeber
Biohotel Pirkers Gastgeber
Biohotel Pirkers Kindergedeck

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