Ál a Carte

im pirker’s


  • Onion roast with fried potatoes
  • Rumpsteak “American” with french fries, grilled tomato and mixed vegetables
  • Viennese grill plate with herbal foam, vegetables and french fries
  • Mushroom cream cutlets from pork with long grain rice
  • Roasted liver in marjoram sauce with butter spatzle
  • Pork fillet grilled with light pepper cream sauce, small vegetables and minirösti served in the deposit ́l

Fish, pasta, for kids & sweet…


  • Fresh rainbow trout “Müllerin Art” (from our own fish pond) with parsley potatoes, melted butter and green salad
  • Fried rainbow trout fillets on salad variation with light house dressing

Pasta & More:

  • Käsespätzle im Pfand ́l served with green salad
  • Spaghetti “Bolognese” with meat sauce or tomato sauce with green salad

For the “Little Hunger”:

  • Farmer’s bacon finely cut with butter and bread
  • Swiss sausage salad with pastries

For our little guests:

  • Grilled sausages with french fries
  • Baked dwarf schnitzel with french fries or potatoes
  • Max and Moritz Teller – Turkey schnitzel with natural juice and rice
  • Children’s spaghetti with meat sauce or tomato sauce
  • Kinderkaiserschmarren with applesauce

Sweet stuff:

  • Kaiserschmarren with applesauce
  • Homemade apple strudel or curd strudel
    *with vanilla ice cream
    *and cream

Organic ice cream specialities:

  • *Ice cream parlour/ice chocolate
  • *Coup “Denmark”
  • *Hot love
  • *House cups
  • *Yoghurt cups
  • *Children Fuchti-Kuss
  • *Benjamin’s chocolate dream

What comes from our garden?

Salads, herbs and vegetables – it tastes best from our own cultivation!