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The Malta valley is known for its multitude of imposing waterfalls. Discover the numerous wonders of nature and enjoy the impressive water world in the valley of plunging waters.


Canyoning is one of the most modern and increasingly popular sports. Accompanied by professional canyon guides, you will move through a wildly romantic water world where fun, excitement and adventure will give you unforgettable hours.

The path leads through the Gößgraben gorge, where waterfalls, ponds and rock formations typical of gorges await you. Inspired by the power of water, you will experience natural spectacles of a special kind!

Active Canyoning from 12 years

Active canyoning from 12 years
An impressive experience with abseiling points, breathtaking slides and jumps up to 12m.

Relax Canyoning from 10 years
Easy to moderate tour with water slides, climbing points and easy jumps.

Relax canyoning: 60 € /person from 10 years incl. equipment
Active-Canyoning: 85 € /person from 12 years incl. equipment
Inspired by the power of water, you will experience natural spectacles of a special kind!

3D archery course

An extraordinary experience is offered by the 3D Barcours near the Wasserarena Gössfälle. (about 1.5 km from us, easily accessible on foot or by bike)
On a four-hectare and 1200 m long 3D archery course, you can prove your marksmanship with a bow and arrow. Roam over hill and dale through the forest and go hunting…
Before starting, each shooter gets the equipment and instruction for the correct behavior and shooting in the archery course.

3D archery course with schooling & shooting

Price per adult: € 30,00
Children 10 years – 16years: € 28,00
Children 6 years – 9years: € 26,00

Including equipment* & course use
no registration required!
The 3D archery course is a partner of the Kärnten-Card.

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